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Organisations with a reputation for service excellence have a 24% higher net profit margin than rivals and they achieve up to 71% more profit per employee  ~ Institute of Customer Service

What does customer-centricity mean

Customer-centricity aligns a company’s sustainable development and delivery of its products and services around the continuous changing needs of its customers, in order to maximise financial value over the long term.

How will the results be used?


The impact on the business and financials will clearly indicate WHY it is necessary to address the recommendations. The deliverables will be shown on a diagram indicating where the growth should come from and the business impact.


The findings will show exactly WHAT needs to be done to address the areas of importance. These range from strategic objectives (e.g. designing a Customer Management Strategy) to operational goals (e.g. run customer surveys to determine customer expectations).


Detailed recommendations will be provided to understand HOW the findings should be addressed (e.g. implement a survey system to measure transactional satisfaction at the various touch points).


Our consultants can work with your teams to design the roadmap to define and scope PROJECTS to address the top priorities. This include project managers as well as subject matter experts (e.g. research specialists, business analysts, management consultants).

how it works

The customer journey


Being customer-centric differentiates your organisation from competitors and results in increased market share and profitability.
It helps you to not only focus on your products and services while ignoring what your customers want, need and expect. Driving sustainable growth through product innovation alone is no longer feasible.
It equips you to recognize and take advantage of opportunities for growth by understanding unfulfilled customer needs.
Customer satisfaction will increase because sources of irritation and frustration will be identified and removed. You need to make it easy for your customers to do business with you.
Create unique experiences for your customers that are personalised and make them feel valued.
Retain and acquire more customers by increasing loyalty and benefiting from the life-time value of your customers.
Save cost, create efficiencies and prioritise areas for improvements within your business.
Build a more fulfilled workforce that not only understand the customer, but loves working for your organisation.
Efficient collaboration across the organisation and no more working in silos. The customer will be in the center of everything you do.

a package to fit your needs

A basic qualitative assessment of all the elements

  • Voice of the customer surveys (targeting 280)
  • Interviews with key employees across divisions & levels (8)
  • A high-level report with top recommendations
  • Semi-annual independent progress review

A qualitative & quantitative assessment of all elements

  • Voice of the customer surveys (targeting 450)
  • Interviews across the organisation (around 18)
  • A report with top priority recommendations
  • Semi-annual independent review of progress

A full qualitative & quantitative assessment of all elements

  • Voice of the customer surveys (targeting 600)
  • Extensive interviews across the organisation (35)
  • A detailed report with top priority recommendations
  • Quarterly independent review of progress

A pilot / proof of concept

  • If you are unsure (or not convinced), let us show you.
  • We start with measurement and perform voice of the customer surveys (targeting 250)
  • A high-level report showing your customers’ perception about your level of customer- centricity

More about the Customer Centricity Assessment tool (C-CAT)

C-CAT is a very comprehensive assessment tool based on the latest research in the field of customer-centricity. The assessment covers all the levels and areas of your organisation, from leadership to customer-facing staff as well as support functions.

A full range of elements are considered: strategy, culture, marketing & communication, data, systems & technology and analytics, to name a few. Quantitative and qualitative information is gathered by reviewing existing information, conducting staff engagements and customer surveys. This is then analysed and the tool produces detailed insights as well as strategic recommendations and executive summaries. The impact on the bottom line is illustrated to better understand the return on investment. Qualified and experienced teams are available to work with your organisation to realise the benefits of implementation. C-CAT is not a once-off measure. On-going support and semi-annual or quarterly monitoring of implementations is included to guide you through the process. We help in the execution of transformation opportunities by providing collaboration tools and a partnership network with access to specialists in the various areas.

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