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Have a Rolls-Royce Year in 2017!

The Rolls-Royce urban legend A 20 year old Rolls-Royce broke down, unable to drive any further. The owner called the emergency number and within minutes a service representative was on the scene to assist. Once back in the workshop, an expert from London was flown in to investigate and inspect the vehicle. It was found […]

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7 Things innovative event organisers are doing

When it comes to the world of professional events – from well-established legacy conferences to cutting-edge corporate retreats, the industry is ripe for change as well as a technological revolution. Though the industry is well on its way to embracing a more tech savvy, dynamic future there are quite a few stragglers left in the […]

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Customer Experience Trends for 2016

Customer Experience (CX) will continue to grow in importance for companies and an even larger number of organizations will begin their CX journeys. 2016 is “The Year of Emotion.” Last year was named “2015 – The Year of Employee.” In this environment, we expect to see: Culture Change Intensifying Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for […]

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Customer Experience will be the main differentiation in 2020

As hard as this is to read – you are not your company’s voice, your customer is. They dictate how your brand is defined and who they are saying it to. When you present your brand to clients, investors, and vendors – and really, the whole world – you’ve got to make sure you’re prompting […]

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Organizations are changing their customer experience priorities

Leading CX Priorities Are Aimed at Improving Consistency Across Channels and Acting as “One” Unified Organization Organizations have changed their customer experience (CX) priorities, according to a recent survey by Gartner, Inc. In total, 289 members participated across various business sectors. Respondents were responsible for CX projects, working on CX projects, or were familiar or indirectly impacted […]

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