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74% of customers will recommend your brand if it reduces their effort. ~ Harvard Business Review

Apptique eCommerce Platform

Your business can have its your own online marketplace. Create unique experiences, facilitate e-commerce through a secure payment gateway and spread the word on social media.

There are 2 options

(1) Set up your own page within the platform or (2) Software as a Service (Saas) where we replicate the entire platform just for your business.

how it works ?


Event / product description with large banner image
Date, venue, interactive map, schedule / agenda & sponsors
Set ticket types & prices (also, discounts & promotional codes) & detailed reporting
Speaker list with image, bio, webpage, twitter handle & other details
Videos, document uploading, pictures, blog, newsletter & other media
Own facebook page as well as social media sharing of event


More about Apptique eCommerce

The platform can be used in different ways to make the buying process easier. Customers can view, experience and share information with others and registering for an event has never been easier. The platform facilitates the use of promotional codes and also provides calendar integration.

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