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About Us

Apptique helps businesses to re-think and improve customer experience through a range of technology enablers and consulting solutions.

Research by Gartner showed that companies will no longer be able to compete on product and price alone. A consistently great customer experience, that meets expectations, will provide the competitive advantage.

Our vision is to become the leader in quick-to- market, flexible and cost effective mobile applications that provide customer-centric solutions with significant impact on the way you do business.

Uplifting service delivery and customer experience is our mission. We want to accomplish this through helping businesses to improve collaboration and communication through insights driven solutions in the journey to become more customer-centric.

Apptique is led by its founder Marna Lottering, who is an industry expert in Customer Experience Management, research and analytics. She holds a Masters degree in Business, Mathematics and Informatics from the North West University. During her 15 year tenure in the financial services industry she has set up
and grown many different business areas, taking it from concept, strategy and resourcing all the way through to automation.

Marna has attended and completed many leadership and management seminars and courses and is a certified Customer Experience Manager (University of Pretoria). She shared insights at the 2012 International Customer Experience Management conference in Portugal and has worked on many different large scale projects during her career and is both a discoverer and executer. She has viewed the customer through many different lenses and understands the different aspects of customer journeys and customer-centricity. This, coupled with a very creative and curious mind, has enabled her to emerge as a strong leader and entrepreneur who always strive to add value and exceed expectations.

Since starting her business in 2013, she has been instrumental in many different projects with large and interesting organisations. The solutions covered both technology enablers and consulting services.

“If you want to be better, be sure to surround yourself with those that inspire you to be” ~ Cynthia Bazin

What we do

We help you to improve customer experience by providing these technology enablers and consulting solutions

“Technology is an essential driver in accelerating momentum” ~ Jim Collins
“Transformation isn’t about improving, it’s about re-thinking” ~ Malcolm Gladwell

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