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Have a Rolls-Royce Year in 2017!

The Rolls-Royce urban legend

A 20 year old Rolls-Royce broke down, unable to drive any further. The owner called the emergency number and within minutes a service representative was on the scene to assist.

Once back in the workshop, an expert from London was flown in to investigate and inspect the vehicle. It was found that the back axle broke. Within a few days it was fixed and delivered back to the owner.

After three weeks, the owner started wondering why he has not received an invoice for the work done. A few more weeks passed and he decided to phone the dealership. The conversation played out like this:

Owner: “Hi, it’s Mr Jones here. I’m enquiring about my invoice as I haven’t received it yet.”

Dealership: “Good morning Mr Jones, which invoice are you referring to?”

Owner: “The one for the broken axle”

Dealership: “No sir, there must be a mistake. A Rolls-Royce doesn’t break.”

Aspire to become a brand like Rolls Royce!

Some interesting facts:

The fact The Take Away
More than six out of ten of all Rolls-Royce motor cars built are still roadworthy Make sure your business survives the next 20 years. Differentiate yourself by delivering the best customer experience.
Even today every Rolls-Royce engine is completely hand built.

The Rolls-Royce radiator grille is made entirely by hand and eye – no measuring instruments are used.

The one size fits all approach it outdated. Customisation and personal touch are in.
You will never open an ashtray in a modern Rolls-Royce and find a cigarette end. It empties automatically. Make it easy for customers to do business with you. Anticipate their needs and reduce their effort.
A Rolls-Royce does not break down. It ‘fails to proceed.’ Act quickly when things go wrong. Be more proactive with service recovery.
Notices have been hung around the factory bearing the legend: ‘Beware silent cars.’ Create a pleasant working environment for your employees. Look after your best assets.
In 1949 an Italian owner, seeking permission to modify his Rolls-Royce, commissioned a séance (a person that attempts to make contact with the dead) to call up Henry Royce’s spirit. Rolls-Royce legend has it that the advice from beyond the veil was:  “Consult your authorized distributor.” Make sure there are various ways in which your customers can communicate with you. Meet them on their preferred platforms and ensure a consistent omni-channel experience.
At one time, Rolls-Royce engines held World Speed Records in the air, on land and on water, simultaneously. Keep on innovating and expand your offerings, believe in your brand and what it can do for your customers.
During the first World War Rolls-Royce made rifles. Work hard to figure out what your business is good at and then match that up with what customers want.
The Vicar of St Marys, Nantwich, took a Rolls-Royce into his church and blessed it, along with fruit & vegetables at the Harvest Festival service. A member of the congregation remarked “It’s going in for its first service.” Strive for perfection, but know that at some stage things will go wrong, a customer will leave and expectations will not be met.
It takes one man one day to make a Rolls-Royce radiator, and then five hours are spent polishing it. Spend more time on servicing your customers. Make them fall in love with your brand, even when they are not buying. Build those relationships.

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